Cost of Services at P.R.I.S.M.

For additional information about PRISM treatments, insurance, etc, please visit our FAQ page.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept insurance as the time and resources required detract from our ability to spend a maximum amount of time with our patients. Practices who accept insurance typically need to spend short amounts of 1:1 time with their patients in order to stay open. Whereas in order to most effectively treat patients with complex musculoskeletal systems, more direct 1:1 time with the patient is critical for achieving successful outcomes. Our providers only see one patient at a time rather than stacking appointments on top of one another.

However, we are happy to offer our patients a service where we file out-of-network claims on their behalf after full payment has been made to PRISM. Alternatively we can provide a superbill / detailed receipt you can submit to your insurer for reimbursement.

Please note that our practice has opted out of Medicare/Medicaid and therefore claims should not be submitted for reimbursement.

Initial Evaluation / Informational Sessions

110 min – New patient evaluation (including EDS diagnosis)**
*Patients who do not live in Maryland or travel to Maryland for the appointment may be ineligible for an Initial Evaluation due to medical licensing constraints. However, they are eligible for an Informational Session where the PRISM team will provide valuable information regarding their condition.
**For new patients there is often an additional 30-60 minutes of administrative time following an initial evaluation which is included in the price listed above.

  • Dr. Zingman: $975 for 110 min
  • Dr. Cohen Solomon: $775 for 110 min
  • Dr. McIntosh: $775 for 110 min
  • Dr. Wright: $775 for 110 min

Follow-ups with Dr. Zingman

  • $350 for 25 min
  • $625 for 50 min
  • $975 for 80 min
  • $1365 for 110 min

Follow-ups with Drs. Cohen Solomon, McIntosh, or Wright

  • $325 for 25 min
  • $550 for 50 min
  • $850 for 80 min
  • $1200 for 110 min

Osteopathic Treatment with Dr. Shah

  • $215 for 25 min
  • $365 for 50 min
  • $525 for 80 min

Physical Therapy

  • $122 for 25 min
  • $216 for 50 min
  • $324 for 80 min

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)

  • $115 for 25 min
  • $204 for 50 min
  • $306 for 80 min

Exercise and Manual Therapy with Athletic Trainer

  • $96 for 25 min
  • $166 for 50 min
  • $249 for 80 min

Physiolign Reformer lessons

  • $150 for 50 min
  • $200 for 80 min


  • $130 for 50 min
  • $185 for 80 min

Cancellation Policy:
Because we almost exclusively treat chronically ill patients, we have an extremely high rate of last-minute cancellations. Unfortunately, to be able to accommodate this we must have a strict cancellation policy. Cancellation fees are as follows:
  • Cancellation within 24 business hours of appointment: full fee will be charged
  • Cancellation 25-48 business hours prior to appointment: 50% fee will be charged