Meet Niara Foreman, MS, ATC, CPT

Injury Prevention, Performance Coaching, and Post-Rehabilitative Conditioning Specialist

I join PRISM with a Master’s Degree in Athletic Training, having worked in both physical therapy clinics and college athletics. I am a dancer, a personal trainer and weight lifter with extensive hypermobility experience. I have learned so much since joining PRISM and I can’t wait to share it with you. Together we will take a deliberate and thoughtful approach to build strength, endurance, and balanced muscle tone which supports joint alignment.

I am also PRISM’s first ever Physiolign™ Reformer Instructor! With Physiolign Reformer Lessons (PRL), created by Dr. Zingman, I am able to meet clients where they are and take them through the program to meet their goals. I love this program because it has clear progressions, starting with the simplest stabilization, balance training and progression through various levels of each module to improve endurance and get clients strengthening against resistance in a safe and goal-specific manner.

I also act as an Injury Prevention and Performance Coach for gymnasts, dancers, football players and runners. I have participated in the care of acute spine and joint injuries, spearheaded comprehensive rehabilitation programs and engineered sport enhancement initiatives. My research projects included the study of rehabilitation for chronic ankle instability and other hypermobility-focused endeavors.

When I’m not at PRISM, you can find me enjoying serenity at the beach, weight training and spending quality time with family and friends. It's a true privilege to contribute to the extraordinary team at PRISM!

Physiolign Reformer Lessons

The Physiolign™ program was created by Dr. Zingman based on her own dance, pilates, injury prevention and orthoapedic surgery experience. The Physiolign™ Reformer Lessons (PRL) use Pilates equipment and for more advanced athletes also weight training to focus on learning to stabilize the spine and pelvis with movement, strengthening with eccentric contractions that lengthen muscles and support the joints and addressing any muscle imbalances that might affect health or performance.