Meet Ann Behrends, PT, MPT

Physical Therapist

A specialized practice requires an experienced team. I come to PRISM Spine & Joint with 35 years of experience in orthopedic and manual physical therapy. My treatment style combines movement and relearning with a strong dose of compassion. The path to diagnosis and finding a practice to trust is traumatic and my own experience with PTSD has made me particularly attentive to providing “trauma informed care”.

I am trained in Strain/Counterstrain, A shi needling, auriculotherapy, Closed Chain Joint Mobilization, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, multiple taping techniques and IASTM to name a few. I completed the 4-year training in The Feldenkrais Method in 2001 (a method of neuromuscular re-education traditionally used with performing artists and neurological patients). I am also a graduate of Articulate Eye Pilates Training and am a Certified Dance Medicine Specialist. I look forward to “thinking outside of the (PT) box” with you as we improve your physical self!

I grew up in Iowa, received my physical therapy degrees at The Texas Woman’s University and have practiced in TX, CA, LA, FL, VA and MD. In my spare time I volunteer with LCAR cat rescue, teach aerial silks, create stained glass, dance and motorcycle and cheer on the Nationals with my husband Mark.