Meet Dr. Nihir Shah, D.O.

Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine Physician

I am an Osteopath (D.O.) and am excited to be a part of PRISM Spine and Joint as an attending physician in the field of neuromusculoskeletal (osteopathic manipulative) medicine! I have worked with individuals of all age groups, from those of 2 months to those of 90+ years. I trained in my residency program in Manchester CT with some of the finest osteopathic physicians in the nation and had terrific mentors whom helped me hone and specialize well in my craft.

As part of my repertoire of techniques, I work with individuals per their preference, whether it’s soft techniques to those which are more direct and thus "harder." The key is finding the source of the underlying dysfunction, which may be local to the underlying pain source, but as I have seen in my experience is often not. By identifying the primary dysfunction, I can help the patient make significant improvements which last for longer periods of time. Through my knowledge of anatomy, and through the high level of education needed as a physician, my knowledge is highly specialized to be able to help with significant musculoskeletal issues.

I am happy to answer any questions regarding myself or my services. Please feel free to reach out for more information!