Pediatric Care at PRISM

Coordination of care

Medically complex children see a variety of specialists and coordination of care often falls to parents/guardians. These caretakers are left alone to disseminate information between providers, prioritize testing and consultations, and coordinate care. Dr. Cohen-Solomon is tireless in helping patients and families navigate this complex care and shoulder some of the burden including advocating for appropriate medical testing and interventions as well as accommodations, arrange and manage conferences between providers, and update families.

PRISM Sees Pediatric Patients for the following:

  • Spine and Joint care for EDS, Dancers and other Hypermobile Athletes
  • Neurodivergent and 2E/“Twice Exceptional” care
  • Abdominal pain, IBS, chronic constipation
  • Fatigue, Sleep Disturbances, ME/CFS
  • Chronic Pain, AMPS/CRPS
  • Low Tone/Delayed Gross or Fine Motor Milestones
  • Adolescent Physical Medicine
  • Concussion care and headaches

Services Available at PRISM:

In addition to medical care and coordination of care by Dr. SCS, PRISM's Sports Medicine Physician Dr. Alana Wright sees pediatric and adolescent patients for musculoskeletal and concussion care, PRISM Acupuncturist Jen Reil LAC employs a variety of techniques to help children to calm the nervous system and manage pain with and without needles; Ayurvedic practitioner Ashley Shepherd ATC does Ayurvedic Abhiyanga massage and nutrition coaching, and PRISM will be launching Pediatric Exercise Therapy in the autumn of 2023.

Rehab services offered for pediatric patients:

  • Acupuncture and acupressure (ages 4 and up)
  • Pediatric Exercise Therapy
  • Ayurveda (Abhyanga massage therapy and nutrition coaching)
  • Chinese Medicine

What patients are saying:

“I can't help but repeat how grateful we are for your help. So much you have been able to explain and figure out (some of it was shocking, but so valuable) and even are successfully helping us get medical help here…and it's just the beginning.”

“Thank you so much for making so much make sense. It was the first time ever we had a doctor appt where a doctor knew [my child’s] symptoms before we could even tell them and how to decipher them. It was the first time we felt safe with a doctor.”

“When I told [my child] about PRISM, she was reluctant and afraid of more dismissal and worse. When I read the story you published about medical gaslighting, I told her about it and said ‘This is your chance to talk to a doctor who knows what it feels like to be you; To feel sick like you & through the same experiences as you. I’m your mom and I empathize with you, try to protect you and my heart breaks over what you go through, but I’ll never truly know what it feels like to be you. Dr. Cohen knows though.’ After this, she decided it might be worth the risk. Dr Zingman is brilliant in what she created and the locals are so fortunate!”